22 December 2008

Using Picnik’s Clone tool for some photo-fakery

New Bonn Square, cloned up

This is the final picture, the new Bonn Square in Oxford with added bustle, courtesy of Picnik. The new Clone tool is used to do this (you need to be a premium user of Picnik to have access to this).

I started with two pictures of the same scene, taken a few seconds apart and pretty much the same field of view.

Bonn Square, dusk Bonn Square

The Picnik Collage facility provides an opportunity to work on two similar pictures using the Clone tool.

  1. Start Picnik, log in, select Library and then Start
  2. Select Make a Collage
  3. Choose a grid one column wide and two rows deep
  4. Select Print quality (to work at maximum resolution)
  5. Adjust the proportions to 60:40 or similar to match the aspect ratios of your source pictures
  6. Reduce the spacing between pictures, if you wish 
  7. Use the Photo Basket to drag your two pictures to the Collage and click Done when both pictures are in place 
  8. Picnik collage
  9. Click on Create, then Advanced, and select the Clone tool
  10. Click on the target area for cloning in the source picture and select the corresponding point in the destination picture; clone as required
  11. The final picture can then be cropped to order:
  12. New Bonn Square, cloned up 


A 10 MP source photo may be reduced to 4 or 5 MP, but there’s still sufficient resolution to make a 10 x 8 print, or thereabouts.

Now, where did I put those photos of an Iranian missile test?


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