14 April 2009

Comparing macro shots on the alpha mount

Filed under: Sony A100 — Howard @ 12:00 am

I recently obtained a T2 adapter for the Sony/Minolta AF mount and learned a quick lesson – this is not the adapter for some 42mm screw-thread lenses. I had forgottent there are different pitches of screw, and to cut the story short, many screw-thread lenses do not focus to infinity on a T2, they need an M42 adapter.

However, the T2 does operate as a sort of short macro extension tube and so I was able to compare some old lenses bought for a Zenit E around 40 years ago – the Industar 50-2 f/3.5 50mm lens and a Photax 135mm f/2.8 lens – with some more recent lenses (Minolta f/1.7 50mm prime with and without  +2 dioptre close up filter and a Tamron 28-200 zoom with its custom close-up filter).

On the factory settings the A100 will not fire the shutter if it does not detect a lens, which is the case with this plain metal T2 adapter. So these pictures were taken by disabling this setting in the appropriate menu (Custom Menu 2), switching off AF, and disabling the in body stabilisation. I should have used a tripod, but these are all handheld.

Fritillaries - 1

Fritillaries 1 | A100 | Minolta 50 f/1.7

Fritillaries - 2

Fritillaries 2 | A100 | Minolta 50 f/1.7 wiith +2 closeup

Fritillaries - 3

Fritillaries 3 | A100 | Tamron 28-200 @ 200 with closeup filter

Fritillaries - 4

Fritillaries 4 | A100 | Industar 50-2 f/3.5 on T2 adapter

Fritillaries - 5

Fritillaries 5 | A100 | Photax 135 f/2.8 on T2 adapter


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