17 April 2009

Exposure meter comparisons


I’m trying to determine which of my far-too-many SLRs have light meters that give good readings. Today was sunny and so I found a spot in the garden, half in the shade and half in the sun, set the ISO rating to 200 and took readings with a Weston Master V and the built in light meters of the various cameras.


Camera/device	shutter	aperture	note	                        Weston V EV
Weston V	1/300	5.6	        direct - EV 11	                11
Weston V	1/500	8	        invercone sun - EV 12.5	        12.5
Weston V	1/80	5.6	        invercone shade - EV 9	        9
Weston V	1/250	8	        invercone average - EV 11.75	11.75
A100	        1/400	5.6	        multisegment            	11.25
A100	        1/320	5.6	        centre average	                11
SRT 100x	1/250	9.5	        half-stop	                12.25
OM-1	        1/250	4	        old battery?	                9.75
ME super	1/250	9.5	        half-stop	                12.25
EOS 300	        1/250	9.5		                                12.25
Dynax 5	        1/350	5.6		                                11.125

I took a number of readings with the Weston and applied the averaged Invercone reading (in sun and in shade) as manual settings for the A100. The following three pictures are taken from the A100 and the histograms come from PSE7. 

Test 1 cap1

1/400 | f/5.6 | multisegment meter reading


Test 2 cap2

1/320 | f/5.6 | centre-weighted reading


Test 3 cap3

1/250 | f/8 | manual reading calculated with Invercone readings


Of the remaining cameras I was happy with the readings from the SRT 100x (found in Oxfam this week) and the ME Super and EOS 300. The Dynax 5 seemed a little on the low side, and the OM-1 reading may reflect an ageing battery (like the SRT 100x it was designed to use a mercury cell battery that is no longer available and the zinc air replacements do not last as long.

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