23 June 2009

Meadow flowers

Meadow flowers

Near Swallowfield, Berkshire

Minolta XD7 | Tele Rokkor f/2.8 135 mm | Fujicolor C200 | commercial scan



  1. hi
    i have a mc rokkor 135 f2,8 manual lens that i have using with my sony nex. i have found that i am unable to get colorful shots with it as compared to your shots above. can you let me know if there are any settings tht i need on the lens or camera to get colorful shots and good focus?

    please see this link


    Comment by peter — 8 March 2011 @ 1:02 pm

    • Hi

      The picture here is one I took on film and had scanned by the processor; I also did a little bit of adjustment in PhotoShop Elements. So the work flow is somewhat different from using a Nex and as I don’t have that camera I’m not sure how I can advise you.

      Looking at the two sample images it could be that they are underexposed? It might be worth switching on the histogram display when you take pictures and use a manual setting to ensure there is an adequate exposure.

      Comment by Howard — 8 March 2011 @ 2:24 pm

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