12 September 2009

Dutch light

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De Nek is a nice spot on the edge of the Markermeer, near Schellinkhout in The Netherlands. The dike is being strengthened and repaired at the moment (global warming is expected to increase the flow of water into the Markermeer, which in turn could lead to larger waves washing the banks of the dikes).

The dike is quite high here and there are wonderful views over the sea and the land, with big Dutch skies.

There was a lovely documentary a couple of years ago, Hollandslicht or Dutch Light, which explored the phenomenon of the quality of light in Dutch landscape art of the seventeenth century. If I remember correctly the proposition was that the light had been altered – for the worse – since the Dutch started reclaiming land from the sea on a large scale in the early part of the twentieth century. I don’t think the film reached any big conclusion one way or the other, but it was beautifully shot and marshalled it’s experts (meteorologists, museum curators, fishermen) persuasively.

Most notably there was a series of shots taken from the same point on the Markermeer dike, about 20 miles south of here, near the former island of Marken.

De Nek reminds me of that place, and the iPhone has a nice wide-ish lens to try and capture the sea and landscapes.

6 September 2009


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