9 August 2010

The impossible project 1

A while back I bought a Polaroid 636 Closeup camera in a local charity shop for £5. I then discovered that the only film that is now available for this comes from the company created from the ashes of Polaroid’s Enschede NL operation, The Impossible Project.

So here it is – beautifully packaged and looking like a million dollars – PX 600 Silver Shade.

The film is expensive – £20 at The Photographers’ Gallery in London for 8 prints – but I rather like the spirit of the enterprise and bought a pack in order to try it out.

The pack sat in my room for a few weeks while I pondered its constraints. The operating temperature was 17-24 C and we were going through a summer heatwave. Impossible’s web site and other boards had all sorts of comments about image quality and the need to protect an ejected print from daylight as quickly as possible.

I hummed and I haa’d.

More bits of camera kit arrived from eBay, there were a couple of photowalks with the Oxford Flickr group, I needed to track down some 110 film for the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR I got recently. All excusable distractions.

In the spirit of PhotoDelusions I decided to submit a shot for The Guardian’s Weekend Magazine photography page. The theme was Pairs, and I took my A100 and composed a simple still life, a pair of pears (I thought the pun would appeal at the Grauniad …), and sent it off.

Ping! The light bulb came on. I could photograph the pears indoors, controlled conditions, not too light, classic Polaroid still-life material.


Sony A100 and Minolta 70-210mm f/4 zoom | 1/125 s @ f/4 | ISO 200 | 90mm

Continued tomorrow


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  1. I keep telling myself I’ll start shooting Polaroids, but I never do. :(

    Comment by iheartfilm — 7 September 2010 @ 3:28 am

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