11 August 2010

The impossible project 3

Continued from yesterday

OoopsOf course, I had never used the Polaroid camera before. But what could go wrong with a British-made plastic point-and-shoot? I composed, squeezed the shutter, and … nothing.

It didn’t fire. I inspected the shutter release and there’s a shutter release within the shutter release (its function is to take the picture without triggering the flash). I tested the inner release and <ooops> the shutter fired and my first Impossible print was ejected.

(The pears are just visible at the bottom left of the picture.)

This was proving to be a little anticlimactic. Anyway, I had figured out how to use the camera. I slid the camera’s close-up filter into place, retired approximately 2 feet from the subject, re-composed and squeezed the inner release this time.

The print was ejected, bright blue on its surface. I shielded it from the ambient light and turned it over and waited.

A few minutes. 






Turning the print over, all was revealed.

Impossible pears

This scan looks better than the original, which is very light. I don’t know if it is the film or the camera (I blame the camera for the exposure inadequacies), but I found this generally unsatisfactory, though the throw-back to Fox-Talbot-era image quality is quaintly charming. It has its place, as tomorrow’s pictures will show.

Impossible Project | 6

Print and subject

Continued tomorrow


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