9 March 2011

Mattiscombe rock

Mattiscombe Beach rock 2

Minolta X-700 with 17mm f/4 | HP5 plus @ ISO 800

I was lucky enough to have use of a fabulous 17mm Minolta f/4 MD lens while on this break: more to come.


14 December 2009

Lloyds building and Lutine Bell, London | test scan @ 6000 dpi | black and white | Epson V500 and Vuescan

As part of the process of exploring what my Epson V500 scanner could do at high resolution I decided to revisit some old black and white negatives and re-scan at 6,000 dpi.

This is a little bit full-on in your face, so first some overviews –

Lloyds building, London | test scan @ 46 MP Lloyds Building

(left) the V500 high-resolution negative scan side by side with one I did a couple of years ago from a print (right).

I used an evaluation copy of Vuescan (hence the $ watermarks here) to produce a raw image some 6000 x 9000 pixels; after adjustments and croppings this reduced to 5601 x 8326 px, or ~46 MP.

Below is a 2400 pixel version – about 1/10 the number of pixels – which still shows quite remarkable detail. The lettering on the face of the clock of the Lutine Bell is quite clear, and the faces of some of the people looking down from a few floors up will probably be recognisable to people that know them.

Lloyds building, London | test scan @ 46 MP

The source DNG file on my hard drive is 105 MB so I won’t be doing this too often …

10 December 2009

Lloyds, Liverpool Street, and the Gherkin re-visited | black and white

I did a bunch of scanning of some old black and white negatives the other day. Three pictures here from the 2007 Open House weekend in London: all taken on Ilford HP5 Plus using my old-ish Olympus iS-3000 all-in-one SLR.

Lloyds roof

The roof of the atrium scanned at 1200 dpi

Interior/exterior near Liverpool Street, London

Interior/exterior near Liverpool Street station

Gherkin 3

The lurkin’ gherkin at 30 St Mary Axe

Update [12/12/09]: I guess I was lucky – here’s what happened when the Guardian sent a reporter to photograph the Gherkin.

11 November 2009

Rousham dovecote

Inside Rousham dovecote

Inside the dovecote at Rousham, May 2008, HP5 Plus


Rousham dovecote The exterior

9 November 2009

St Andrews black and white | Old Headington

St Andrews churchyard 4

St Andrews churchyard 2

St Andrews Lane 2

Some photographs from May 2008 taken on HP5 Plus 35 mm film; camera now lost to memory.

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