8 March 2011

Hallsands: ruined coastal village, Devon

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Hallsands 1

Hallsands is a ruined coastal hamlet near Start Point on the south coast of Devon.

The village was devastated during a storm about a century ago, and a few ruins remain along with a couple of houses that are still inhabited.

Hallsands 2Above HallsandsHallsands 4

First four pictures taken with a Minolta Vectis S-1 and 80-240 APO lens with rather outdated film (hence the poor image quality)

Hallsands gate


7 August 2010

Port Meadow skies

Port meadow is a lovely expanse of common land just to the north of Oxford city centre. It’s low and flat and home to huge skies.

Sky 2

Sky 3

Port meadow sky 2

These pictures were taken during a recent Oxford Flickr photowalk with a Minolta Vectis S-1 APS SLR camera and outdated Activix 200 APS film.

Exposed normally, the pictures have come out quite grainy in these commercial scans. These scans were processed in ACR and Photoshop Elements to reduce noise and to despeckle, and then reduced in size by 50%

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