6 July 2010

Llyn Crafnant | FP4 Plus

Llyn Crafnant

Snowdonia, Wales

Minolta 9000 AF  and FP4 Plus film


5 May 2010

Bluebells in the Chilterns

Buckinghamshire bluebells 1

^Near Ibstone

Buckinghamshire bluebells 2Buckinghamshire bluebells 3

^Two pictures near Turville

Apple iPhone 3GS; pictures taken with the new (to me) SR-7 to follow shortly.

20 April 2010

National Trust: Grays Court

Greys Court view

^ View from the tower over Oxfordshire (aged photo effect, tweaked, Lightroom 3 beta 2)


Daffodils and red tree trunk

^ Daffodils and tree trunk


Ha Ha

^ Beware of the ha ha

10 April 2010

Oxford views | Minolta 9000 | 50mm f/1.7 AF prime

Bulwarks Lane | Oxford | 1

^ Bulwarks Lane and Nuffield College in the background

Castle mound | Oxford

^ Castle mound (and Nuffield College)

Bulwarks Lane | Oxford | 2

^ Bulwarks Lane

I recently fitted my old 9000 AF camera with the top-end MD-90 power winder. None of these photos required the use of a power winder, but there’s a satisfying photographic whack and whir taking pictures with the thing fitted.

19 March 2010

Geo-tagging DSLR photographs using an Apple iPhone 3G S GPS data stream

Whytham Woods walk

^Google Maps satellite view of the course of an afternoon walk; downloaded from ImageMapper after recording the GPS data using their iPhone app.

This post summarises a method on Windows PCs for geo-tagging pictures from an ordinary DSLR (in this instance a Sony alpha 100) with data recorded from an iPhone’s GPS unit.

Software tools required are

The basic method is summarised here on Flickr: GPS tracks can be created with InstaMapper and their data synchronised with photographs using GeoSetter (which in turn utilises Exiftool to modify individual photographs’ Exif data).

Some care is needed to get the right data associated with the pictures – GPS files can be exported in GPX format and saved for convenience in the same folder as the source photographs. For RAW files (in Sony’s case, ARW files) are not modified directly but rather a sidecar XMP file is created with the EXIF modifications. Creation and modifications to these files are detected in Lightroom 3 beta (and, I assume, earlier versions), but the GPS data is not picked up in Picasa, a tool I use occasionally for organising files. Exports from Lightroom 3 to Flickr did contain the new Exif data.

Map data for the following pictures can be viewed by clicking on them and exploring the relevant page on Flickr.

Wytham tree 1

Oxford view 2

One of the advantages of GeoSetter is that it uses Exiftool to modify a picture’s Exif data. It can also be used to create new Exif data even when a source picture has none (e.g. a scan of a film photograph).

Oxford from Wytham Woods

^ Fuji Pro 800Z | Minolta Dynax 700si

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