11 December 2010

Hidcote reflection

Filed under: garden, Hidcote, Hidcote Manor, pond, reflection, Sony A100 — Howard @ 12:00 am


Sony A100 and kit lens


10 December 2010

Hidcote picture window

Filed under: frame, garden, Hidcote, Hidcote Manor, Sony A100, window — Howard @ 12:00 am


Sony A100 and kit lens

9 December 2010

Hidcote leaf

Filed under: bokeh, garden, Hidcote, Hidcote Manor, leaves, Minolta AF 70-210 f4 zoom, red, Sony A100 — Howard @ 12:00 am


Sony A100 and Minolta AF 7-210mm zoom

8 December 2010

Looking west from Hidcote: on film and on digital

Hidcote Manor | slide film | 2

Above, Minolta Dynax 7 and 28-80mm AF zoom at 60mm on Boots 200 colour slide film

Below, Sony A100 and Minolta AF 70-210mm zoom at 160mm (240mm equivalent)


7 December 2010

Backlit flower, Hidcote


Sony A100 with Minolta AF 70-210mm zoom

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