5 June 2011

Headington Festival 2011

Headington Festival 2011

The Festival has been running for several years now and is gaining its place as a fixture on the Headington calendar – right up there with the open gardens (this week and next). All credit to Headington Action for being the driving force behind this.

A children’s brass ensemble performed today, to general admiration all round. They were great little performers ably lead by their conductor who wore a general, restrained air of anxiety right up to the final, warbling note. A tremendous achievement …













(iPhone video)


24 December 2010

Season’s Greetings 2010-11 | Oxford snow

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South Park | Top of the run | snow

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever form you’d like to take the greetings in …

It’s a cold and snowy Oxford this year, and the first I can remember with such an extensive fall of snow lying on the day itself. This picture was taken last Sunday at South Park, on a small hill that overlooks the city centre. Lots of people go sledging here either using professional equipment or improvised sledges from the lids of recycling boxes. It was a gorgeous day with some lovely light.

Minarets 2 | Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies | snow
The minarets of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, from South Park

South Park | tree | snow
South Park tree in the snow

12 August 2010

The impossible project 4

Continued from yesterday

The next step was to take the camera out into the field, to photograph the neighbourhood. In Old Headington there’s an old church and a network of lanes, The Croft. Some of the more successful (!) prints follow, together with snaps taken of the same view on an iPhone.

Impossible Headington 2
   Headington 2
St Andrews churchyard
Impossible Headington 1   Headington 1
St Andrews church
Impossible Headington 5   Headington 5
8 The Croft

The pictures were all light, and in the last example came out darker when I used an adjustment on the camera.

I quite like the century-old feel to the pictures, but I do not think the camera has done justice to the scenes.

I’ll hold on to the camera for a while, see how the Impossible Project makes progress and maybe try again with a better camera at a later date.

30 July 2010

Monckton Cottage, Old Headington

Old Headington

Minolta S-100, 22-80mm zoom | Nexia 200 APS film

29 July 2010

Osler Road/The Croft rebuilding work

Old Headington rebuild 3

Old Headington rebuild 1

A house on the corner where Osler Road and The Croft meet in Old Headington, Oxford, is being rebuilt; Google Street View, below, shows things as they were.

Osler Road/The Croft

First two pictures: Minolta S-100 | 22-80mm zoom | Nexia 200

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