24 December 2010

Season’s Greetings 2010-11 | Oxford snow

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South Park | Top of the run | snow

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever form you’d like to take the greetings in …

It’s a cold and snowy Oxford this year, and the first I can remember with such an extensive fall of snow lying on the day itself. This picture was taken last Sunday at South Park, on a small hill that overlooks the city centre. Lots of people go sledging here either using professional equipment or improvised sledges from the lids of recycling boxes. It was a gorgeous day with some lovely light.

Minarets 2 | Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies | snow
The minarets of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, from South Park

South Park | tree | snow
South Park tree in the snow


7 February 2010

Oxford University | January snow | Velvia 50 scans

The January 2010 snow falls brought some interesting variations to these historic parts of central Oxford

Clarendon Building | Velvia 50 | #9

Clarendon Building


Radcliffe view | Velvia 50 | #10

Radcliffe Camera from the passageway to the Bodleian Quadrangle


Radcliffe Camera | Velvia 50 | #11

Radcliffe Camera with the University Church, St Marys, behind


All pictures taken on Velvia 50 slide film with a Minolta Dynax 7

22 January 2010

Veermanskade | Hoorn | winter

VeermanskadeVeermanskade | Hoorn

Dynax 7 | Fuji Pro 800Z

Capped by the Hoofdtoren, the Veermanskade in Hoorn provides a great setting in Old Hoorn’s harbour area.

20 January 2010

Film vs. digital

West Friesland landscape

Minolta Dynax 7 with Fuji Pro 800Z: 1/400 @ f/20 +1.0 EV

West Friesland

Sony A100 set to 100 ISO: 1/200 @ f/9


It’s a bit unfair to compare a home scan of a high-speed film against one of the better quality settings in the digital camera, but I like the qualities of both pictures. It’s cold in the top picture, crisp in the bottom one … .

11 January 2010

Headington, Oxford | winter scenes | January 2010

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The recent snowfall looked really fine on Thursday with a clear hard light. It was worth looking up from time to time …

Old Headington sky

The Croft, Old Headington


Barton Lane snow and sunBarton Lane

And Barton Lane looked more inviting than it did the day before.

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