29 January 2011

Home developed 4: Oxford

Continuing the series of photos from my recent home-developed film.


Bodleian window at night

1. Bodleian window at night


Bodleian library ceiling 2 | Christmas Light Night | Oxford

2: Bodleian library ceiling


Ashmolean cast gallery 1

3: Roman (?) boar in the Ashmolean cast gallery


28 January 2011

Home developed 3: more Christmas Light Night

Continuing the series of photos from my recent home-developed film.


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 9

1: The pumpkin king, Jack Skellington is carried past the Radcliffe camera


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 8

2: Woodfarm Primary School arrive by bus


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 7

3: Church Cowley Primary School

27 January 2011

Home developed 2: Christmas Light Night

Continuing the series of photos from my recent home-developed film.


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 1

Christmas Light Night 1: East Oxford Primary School in Radcliffe Square, Oxford, 26 November 2010


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 3

2: Wheatley Park School


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 5

3: An offer we can’t refuse

26 January 2011

Home developed 1: Bruges | Medlar | Night scene

A few days ago I posted about resuming the home developing of black and white film. Today and for the next few days I’ll present some scans of the results.

The film was Kodak P3200 T-max, a high speed (ISO 3200) black and white film. Most of the pictures are taken in low-light situations and the grain of the film is quite apparent.

The film was developed in Ilford ID-11 for the recommended time for a slightly elevated temperature (processing varied around 22-23C).

The negatives were scanned as 8-bit JPGs on an Epson V500 with the Epson Scan software with some post-processing in Photoshop Elements 7.


Bruges cobbles

Cobbles in Bruges/Brugge, Belgium: reflections of light on rain-soaked cobbles | Minolta Dynax 7 | Minolta 50mm f/1.7 | 1/10s @ f/4


Medlar fruit on the branch

Medlar fruit on the branch, in a friend’s garden in The Netherlands | Minolta Dynax 7 | Minolta AF 28-80mm f/4-5.6 @ 80mm | 1/160s @ f/16


Christmas Light Night | Oxford | 2

Christmas Light Night, 26 November 2010 | Minolta Dynax 7 | Minolta AF 35-70mm f/4 @ 35mm | 1/60s @ f/5.6

14 August 2010

Minolta Konica

Konica Minolta

In some parallel universe Minolta may have absorbed Konica (and surely it would have been better for the camera company to swallow the film company), but as we know in this world it was all about office copiers and the film and the camera businesses fell by the wayside only for Sony to continue the ongoing digital SLR (Alpha mount) camera business.

But that’s a long way from here. And a diversion. Here’s an old Minolta 110 Zoom, fitted with new batteries and outdated Konica Centuria 200 110 film (process before 10/2004).

110 full negative area < Oxford High (Street)

This is the full 110 negative area; strangely pre-exposed framing of the negative area, which is quite tiny.

I took some shots around town, trying to figure out exposure compensation. The camera only has overides of whole F-stops or EVs, from –2 to +2; the ISO of the film is calculated according to the presence or absence of a plastic tab (100 or 400 ISO) and the film itself is rated at 200 ISO, and it has the 100 ISO tab. So that’s –1 on the meter, right? And then +1 for age? Colour negative film has some latitude, fortunately, but when it is old it’s more prone to defects, scratches and so on.

Some results though:

Oxford  busker | Minolta 110 Zoom | outdated film Swallowfield church | Minolta 110 Zoom | outdated film

Swallowfield churchyard 'Rhoda' | Minolta 110 Zoom | outdated film Black Friars Oxford  | Minolta 110 Zoom | outdated film

1 Oxford busker | 2 Swallowfield church, Berks | 3 Rhoda, Swallowfield, Berks | 4 Black Friars, Oxford

Negatives scanned directly from Epson V500 glass, held down by anti-reflective glass

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