26 February 2011

West Oxfordshire Cotswolds: trees | 3

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I rather liked the intersection of lines in these winter trees near Swinbrook


Trees in the winter sun

Trees in the winter sun, north of Asthall


Windrush at Asthall | 4

The Windrush at Asthall


25 February 2011

West Oxfordshire Cotswolds: walls | 2

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Light on a wall in Swinbrook



Dry stone wall, north of Asthall

24 February 2011

West Oxfordshire Cotswolds: Asthall and Swinbrook | 1

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Swinbrook ford

There’s a nice walk to be had on a sunny day that takes in the Windrush valley as it passes through Swinbrook and Asthall, west of Witney and East of Burford

(The ford at Swinbrook)


The Windrush at Asthall | 1

The old bridge at Asthall



Swinbrook village

22 February 2011

Deer on Ashridge

Ashridge deer

In the woods off the road to Ivinghoe Beacon near dusk, a herd of deer waits for traffic to pass before crossing

Sony A100 | Minolta 70-210 AF zoom | 1/40s | f/4 | @210mm | ISO 400 | +0.7EV

21 February 2011

Sunset montage at Ivinghoe Beacon

Sunset montage | Ivinghoe Beacon

Sony A100 | Minolta AF 70-210mm zoom @ 210 mm | f/8 | varying exposures, January 2011


A sequence of four exposures at dusk superimposed over each other using the trees on the horizon as a reference point.

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