11 July 2010

Au revoir, London Road underpass murals

As part of the London Road improvements the underpass is being filled in, and the locally celebrated murals are sadly lost

London Road underpass filling in 1

London Road underpass filling in 2

London Road underpass filling in 3

London Road underpass filling in 4

Here’s the depiction of Headington’s shark:

Headington shark

Fortunately the paintings were documented and are recorded for posterity on the Oxfordshire County Council website.


4 July 2010

Shrub and shade


Osler Road, Oxford

Minolta Dynax 800si | Fujicolor C200

3 July 2010

Welsh mountain gorse

Welsh mountain gorse

Dynax 7 and Boots 200 colour slide film

29 June 2010

Old Church, Arborfield, Berkshire

Church ruins | Dynax 9xi | C200

Ruins known as Old Church. Taken with a Dynax 9xi and 28-80mm zoom on Fujicolor C200 film

28 June 2010


Wheat 2 | Dynax 9xi | C200

Taken on a Minolta 9xi with 28-80mm zoom on Fuji C200

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